Let's make a perverse world

Do you want to donate to a good cause?

Well this site is for the opposite, we raise funds to spread the perversion around the world, if you got here you are like us and there is nothing wrong with that, you know that the number of countries with restriction to content considered "Immoral" has increased in recent years and restrictions to sites has been hardened. Let's not forget that this is for the purpose of identifying users and controlling the internet. Let's not wait for that to happen to us, if the others are not free no one is, the funds are to fight against the censorship of content considered "Immoral" in various countries. Donate to this noble but badly seen cause and become an honorary pervert. Go ahead, I know you want to.

What do we use the funds for?

  • Art / 
    NSFW Community Support
  • Hacking / 
    Support for internet freedom
  • Activism / 
    Let's free the minds
  • The solutions are not to hide a problem and the actions taken are not the right ones



  • USD 1+

    Little Helper
    I want to help but I don't want trouble

  • USD 2+

    You like to watch the world burn

  • USD 4+

    You will have an identification that proves it

  • USD 5+

    Perversion lover
    Exceeds the limits